Life Protection

Life Insurance

Life Insurance.

Life insurance comes in a variety of forms. At its simplest, it pays out an agreed amount, either as a lump sum or as a regular income, if you die within a specified period. Let us advise you on our extensive range of products and give you peace of mind knowing you've done all you can to protect your dependents.

Relevant Life Insurance

Relevant Life Insurance.

A relevant life policy is a new type of tax efficient life insurance for directors and employees. The policy is designed to offer directors and employees tax efficient life Insurance which can be paid by their Limited company with the beneficiary being a named person, usually a partner, child or family member.

Critical Illness Cover

Critical Illness Cover.

Many illnesses can have a long recovery time. This type of cover is designed to pay out a (tax-free) lump sum in the event of you suffering from certain types of serious illness or if you have to undergo certain types of surgery.

Family Income Benefits

Family Income Benefits.

Family Income Benefit is a life insurance policy that pays an income to dependants on the death of the insured. The income is payable for the remainder of the policy term. These policies are suitable for people with young families who wish to protect against the loss of income provided by either or both parents.

Income Protection

Income Protection.

Income Protection Insurance is designed to pay a regular tax free monthly income if you are unable to work due to illness or injury.

Keyman Protection

Keyman Protection.

Providing critical Illness cover for essential team members can help ensure the continued success and stability of your business. Critical illness cover is a policy that can help cover the direct and indirect costs associated with the serious illness or injury of a key worker.

Partnership Insurance

Partnership Insurance.

In the event of serious illness or death of one of your partners, you'll want to make sure that the business continues as smoothly as possible. Partnership Protection sets out the procedures and policies to help you stay in control